Saint Nikandros Bishop of Myra and Hermas the Presbyter

Nikandros and Hermas were both instructed in the faith by the Holy Apostle Titus of the 70, who was instructed by the Blessed Paul. He and his close companion, Hermas who was a priest, lived strict ascetic lives even though they were both working among the people. When they spoke for Christ with love and clear direction, through the grace of God, they had a powerful effect on many. Nikandros and Hermas were able to convert pagans toward Christianity.

As this was early in the Christian faith, they were captured by pagan officials and brought before the governor of their region Libanius. He attempted to first flatter them and offer them glory if they were to cease their Christian worship. When this did not change the saints’ stance, he began to threaten them and still they were firm in their stance. So after their trial Libanius sentenced them to fierce tortures.

Their flesh was torn off with iron rakes, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, their flesh was made anew.  With this miracle, the govoner anger only grew. They were tied onto horses like a carriage and then dragged over rugged stones and they were throw into a burning pit. Through the Lord’s strength the two men survived these ruthless torments. Their final torture was to have nails beaten into their heads and hearts, causing them to give their souls unto God.

After they reposed their bodies were thrown in a dark hole and then covered.

For they fought against the wicked temptations and received their crown sin the glory of God’s name!