Patrobos, Gaios, Hermas, Gaios Linos, & Philologos, Apostles of the 70

Each of these brave men were of the 70 first Apostles and were pious followers of Christ that helped to spread the early church.

Hermas was of Greek origin. He was of the 70 and became Bishop of Philippoplis,  a modern day region of southern Europe.

He spent some of his time in Rome and he suffered many torments for his preaching to the pagans. He also is known to have written works, and is accredited as the author of “The Shepard.” This book gives instruction on how to serve Christ with your life, and is based on the wisdom of the angels.

Although he suffered hardships, Hermas died peacefully and with joy he gave his soul unto the Lord.

Patrobos was ordained Bishop of Neopolis as well as Puteoli Italy. He instructed his flock well and with a loving heart. It is unknown how he reposed.

Linus was made the first Bishop of Rome, and he had deep courage and faith to inspire the citizens. The pagan officials did not like his good works, that expanded over an 11 year time frame as Bishop and they beheaded him.

After Apostle Timothy, Gaios became helped and worked for the church of Ephesus. He worked to convert many from the pagan gods, and had a deep devotion for serving Christ.

Apostle Andrew ordained Philologos Bishop of Sinope near the Black Sea. Philologs was able to speak for God with a humble heart. In his effort to steer the people away from idols, he devoted much time and endured.

Paul addresses two of these humble servants of God in his letters to Romans, “Greet Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermes, Patrobas, Hermas and the other brothers and sisters with them.”

  (Rom 16:14)

Glory be unto God for these faithful servants!