Martyrs Acindynus, Pegasius, Aphthonius, Elpidephorus, Anempodistus, and 7,000 with them, of Persia

Commemorated on November 2

Troparion — Tone 2

Blessed is the earth that received your blood, Passion-bearers of the Lord, / and holy is the dwelling place which received your spirits. / You triumphed over the enemy in the stadium / and you preached Christ with boldness. / Since He is good, we pray that you beseech Him to save our souls.

Kontakion — Tone 2

You have received into the enjoyment of Your goodness and repose, O only Good One, / the pious and God-bearing martyrs, who abandoned all earthly things: / Acindynus, Pegasias, and Anempodistus, / together with Aphthonius and Elpidephorus.

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