A prophetic message from our beloved Geronda Ephraim. 

This took place sometime during the first week of November 2020.

Geronda Ephraim, the former abbot of Philotheou Monastery and the founder of Saint Anthony’s Monastery, who lived the ascetical life and fell asleep in the Lord in Arizona, appeared to a woman in Northern Greece, who at the time was together with her daughter-in-law. At the time of the appearance this woman was not asleep, but in a state of wakefulness. At a certain moment, the woman entered into a state of ecstasy, which lasted about ten minutes, as her daughter-in-law related. The woman herself did not know how long the vision lasted.

This was something new for her. The content of their conversation was unlike any of their previous conversations; for after Geronda’s repose, she had seen him several times, both in her sleep and while awake. For this reason she was astonished and called her spiritual father, in order to ask if what she had seen was delusion or reality. 

She saw Geronda Ephraim, who was very sad and imploring Christ concerning the coming tribulations – things which certainly correspond with the things Geronda spoke about while he was in this life. And he told her:

“Repentance! Repentance! Christ is very, very sad .We people today should not be in the spiritual state we find ourselves. Great evils are coming – you cannot imagine how evil. Alas, what awaits you! Repent as long as there is time. Get on your knees and weep; shed tears of repentance so that perhaps Christ will soften. This also has to do with what is happening in America. Many people will depart through all that is coming, many people will depart. (ie, they will die.) You are not merciful toward one another, you do not have mercy. You are harsh. One person will devour the other. Tell these things to your spiritual father and to others. “

The woman who saw this vision was a spiritual daughter of Geronda Ephraim for many years and was in communication with him until his response. It is authentic and verified. 

This report is from Saint Anthony’s Greek Orthodox  Monastery in Arizona.

May we repent, for it is later than we think.